The Arch - 12 times unknown

You do not know The Arch and that is exactly what the strength of the group is. The band has a new album out "XII" and nobody knows that either. Four friends started to make music more than 30 years ago and today they are still friends who still make music, just for fun. Perhaps very naive but with a heart for music.

They are quite popular in Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. In England they are called "the best kept Belgian secret". In Belgium they are hardop known. A forest ranger, a videodirector, an art director and a booking agent, a strange combination that works. Their songs are dark, romantic and pure. New wave as it used to be but then contemporary. The rhythm is slower, the topics are up to date. Yoga Noise about how unhealthy it is to live healthily, Dark Room about a life without light and how your senses feed your worst thoughts, Phantom Chase about the eternal search and pursuit of your archetype. Cadaver synod is again about the absurdity of religion, with the coöperation of Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon). And the music is sensual and passionate.

Our question to you: listen to the music and let it touch you. And don't tell anyone else.

Small anecdote: the album "XII" is the result of, again, a "naive" idea: let us make a song every month with only the first takes. And also make a video of each song. Sometimes it was difficult, even impossible and yet, it worked. Or ... how innocent ideas can lead to a good story.