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In december 2018 we will release a new album with 12 new songs. But we want to release each song apart through the year. Every month a new one will be launched on itunes/spotify through Trisol. Each song will be created, mixed and finished before we start other ones. Why? Each song is a world on its own: a different story, atmosphere and sound. We want to have another approach than the usual, when a band goes into the studio with a amount of songs, and finished them as a whole, with a same global sound.

In a way, we start an album without being an album. And also not knowing how it will sound at the end. That makes it a whole different approach. And it makes us curious. It’s like an adventure.

In the end we have 12 songs that are also inspired by the month we are releasing it. 
Winter will be different than Autumn. Maybe darker. Maybe warmer. We don’t know. Every song gets a special artwork and sleeve so they all look like singles. We are also working on video material to release with every track.

First single: ‘Blood Crystals’. 
Blood Crystals will be released by Trisol Music Group on 02/02/2018!


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More tbc soon...

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Tanglet Stones

by The Arch